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We offer Quality Leads in Social Media with the best Digital marketing strategy.

Having run hundreds of lead generation campaigns over the years, we have the expertise in delivering tons of quality leads through basic to rigorous marketing packages in Social Media. We often have a network of companies and websites that is used to promote our client businesses. When a visitor expresses interest in our clients business, we pass that lead back to our client. As well as when a visitor requests a quote for a specific service, we alert the client


Lead Generation

How Does Lead-Based Marketing Work in Social Media?

We will design a specific strategy to promote client business as per the nature of client business then we will design some content and creative post images which will be used for promotion on a different digital media platform.
After that, we will design a keyword reach landing page, drive targeted traffic from various sources and deliver quality leads.

Lead Generation Process

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What we offer

pointerWe offer innovative lead generation services in Social Media and PPC which target and engage pro-active prospects to provide you with the best opportunity to make a sale. Intelligent lead generation removes concerns of missed Key performance indicators (KPIs) underperforming marketing budgets and reduces operational overheads.

pointerOur Social media and PPC lead generation services help you to get the leads that you want – based on the geography and demographics you outline to us. This leads to a higher chance of converting leads to sales than your competitors.

pointerWhen running a business, aligning yourself with other companies that can help your bottom line revenue can really make a difference towards your level of success. As a leader in providing high performing solutions, DigiConnect looks forward to making your company the next partner to improve their overall sales.

pointerWe devise a customized strategic digital marketing campaign and focuses on the 80/20 principle when it came to delivering quality from in-bound tactics such as search marketing and content placement. Once we had the cost per inquiry under control we were able to scale the marketing spend to new heights increasing the budget 20x and driving over 80% of their total lead volume.





We are best in,

“Our team brings experience in Social Media and PPC lead generation services.

We focus on building our clients ROI by providing lead generation strategies that help fuel sales.” 

Build a working sales funnel and score sales leads
Create content that generates leads
Perform keyword research and understand the major themes of search engine optimization
Create landing pages that are campaign specific
Design unique value propositions, website content, social media content and landing page content.
Use Call to Action to generate leads through a landing page and social media campaign
Analyze and optimize landing pages for improved conversions
Create beautiful images that attract users/customer
Analyze and optimize effective way to Increase social media engagement
Spot and correct major issues with Social media marketing
Expertise to Analyze and optimize the performance of social media marketing campaigns
Generate leads through major social networks


Lead Generation Process

We focus on your relevant target audience and connect your business with the best possible way to raise the visibility of your business.


We use resourceful content to engage people and create meaningful interactions over time.

We use tactics that encourage customers to take specific action and get potential customers for you.


We enhance your business using our experienced techniques and grow your business in a strategic way.

“More Leads Means More Business”

Our skills & techniques will significantly improve your conversion rates, so what are the key benefits you can expect from our lead generation service?

100% Exclusive Leads

The leads we generate for you are always 100% exclusive – unlike some other lead generation companies we will never sell them to another client.

High-Intent Leads

We’ll target proactive prospects to limit wastage so that you’ll only receive leads which are highly motivated to increase the likelihood of a sale.

Real-Time Delivery

Leads are delivered to you in real-time for the best possible opportunity to make a sale.

Cutting Edge Inbound Marketing

Get ahead of your competitors with an innovative marketing technique which can improve your conversion to sale significantly.

We’ve mastered the art of Social Media and PPC lead generation and implement strategies which place ROI first. We nurture leads at every step of the inquiry stage, so you’ll only ever receive leads with a strong possibility of converting to a sale.

By focusing only on highly targeted and measurable practices we remain one of the most trustworthy Social Media lead generation companies. We guarantee your business 100% exclusive lead generation from customers who are expecting a call from you.

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What Our Happy Clients Say About Us!

A truly excellent service and we are greatly appreciative of the support and help they have given us so far. Thanks,  it is good to actually find a company that does what they promise in the pitch.”
 – Rajesh T

“I’ve worked with many consultants over the years, and I would rank DigiConnect as one of the most insightful, creative and strategic teams with whom I’ve partnered.”
– Ashok KP

“I must say DigiConnect is Excellent for Lead Generation. I got many potential Customers because of their prompt service. I would recommend them for every business.”
– Pradip A.


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